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2001 in Review
Center 4-H Club

Our enrollments are due in November, so our year with all our new members starts in December. This is a review of December 2000 thru November 2001.

Before our December meeting members made Christmas cards to hand out to residents of area nursing and retirement homes that they delivered when they went Christmas caroling.
Members also brought non-perishable food items to donate to the local food pantry.

At the January meeting new club members were introduced. Club handbook/calendars for the year were also handed out.

Before the February meeting members made valentines for the veterans in the VA Hospital in Madison.
Members also brought donations for the local Humane Society.

Our Junior volleyball team had a great time competing in the County Volleyball tournament on March 11. They teamed up with members of the Porter 4-H club.
A large number of 4-H families enjoyed a delicious pot luck dinner before our March club meeting.
Jenny, Sarah, Mallory & Erin put on a skit on committee work, demonstrating good and bad ways for youth and adults to work together.
The cloverbuds lead both pledges at the March meeting, showing their families that they had learned the 4-H pledge.
The Senior Volleyball team played in the County Tournament on March 25. The team consisted of three junior and three senior team members plus one senior team member from a club who didn't have a team.
The Drama group presented their play "The Night Before Record Books were Due" on March 31 at the Rock County Music and Drama Festival.

April was a busy month for the Center 4-H members. On April 5 Sarah, Angie, Krista, Kevin, Jessica, Sarah & Mallory had a club display of projects complete with a few live animals at the Family Night for week of the Young Child in Evansville. The chickens, guinea pigs & rabbit really attracted the young children!
Before the club meeting members picked up and raked the hall grounds where we meet.
On April 20th Buck, Tim and Matt and a few parents and leaders got our trees ready for distribution the next day.
On Sunday, April 22 our Junior Basketball team competed in the Rock County 4-H Basketball Junior Tournament. They had a good time and represented us well by playing with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship-even thought there were only five of them!
On Sunday, April 29 our Senior Team took the court in the Senior portion of the tournament. This time we had six players and they played with just as much enthusiasm and sportsmanship as the Juniors.

May meant fair entry decisions. All members made out their fair entries May 6 or May 8. Our club royalty was announced at the May meeting. Sarah was selected as our Queen. Bobbi Jo and Mallory were selected as Dairy Pincesses.
Members voted to take part in the County float jugdging parades as well as the parades in Evansville and Orfordville with our float.
Softball started on May 2 with games every Wednsesday in May and June. County tournament will be held July 7 & 8 in Orfordville. We are again combining with Spring Valley for a softball team.

June is a very busy month for our members. Many of our members, parents and leaders worked at the Rock County Dairy Breakfast on Saturday, June 9. Then on June 12 we had our annual Dairy Dish Contest at the club meeting. Lots of delicious dairy desserts were judged, placed and then sampled by all present. The next night was the Rock County Porkfest and some of our 4-H families helped with that also. Friday members Sarah, Jessica, Hope, Josh, Sarah, Andrew and a few family members put together our float (theme " Don't Be Chicken - Join Center 4-H). Moms Lynn & Meri did a great job on wings and combs for the chickens! Sunday, June 17th was our first parade. Erin, Sarah, Josh, Aven, Tyler, Matt, Megan, Joseph, & future member Caroline "chicken danced" on our float. Oueen Sarah, and Dairy Princesses Bobbi Jo & Mallory got that "royal wave" down great and distributed lots of candy!
June 24 is the annual club picnic.

July is another busy month colminating with the Rock County 4-H fair July 24 - 29. Dairy Princesses Bobbi Jo & Mallory finished up our dairy promotion by giving out cheese samples at MidAmerica bank on Tuesday, July 3.
The 4th of July Parade in Evansville was our biggest parade and we had our color guard, members carrying the club banner, our royalty and of course our float. On Sunday, July 8 the float took part in the County float Judging at the fair ground. Members taking part in the 4th of July parade were: Matt, Tim, Hope, Sarah, Mallory, Bobbi Jo, Sarah, Tyler, Matt, Andrew, Aven, Josh, Erin, Sarah, Megan,& future member Caroline. Those taking part on July 8th included: Hope, Erin, Bobbi Jo, Krista, Matt, Tyler, Aven, Josh, Sarah & Matt. Tuesday, July 10 was the monthly meeting.
Members will be spending much time on final preparation for the fair which will showcase 4-H members project work at the Rock County 4-H fair in Janesville, WI. This is one of the nations oldest youth fairs (to learn more about the fair visit our links page and link to the fair site).
The 4-H fair was a great success for our members. Many awards were won, Merit Awards, State Fair Selections, Farm & Fleet Trophy, and our queen, Sarah, was choosen for the Rock County Fair 2001 Court of Honor.

Several of our members helped with the fairgrounds clean-up on August 1. Record books were completed and turned in.
Election of officers will be held in Septemeber, so one 4-H year is winding down and a new one is about to begin. Our official year runs from October 1 through September 30.

Our September meeting was postponed from September 11 (due to the tragic events in our country) to September 25.
Election of officers was held. New officers for the year are:president - Matt, vice-president - Jenny, secretary - Hope, treasurer - Tim, reporter - Mallory, historian - Erin, parliamentarian - Andrew and corresponding secretary -
The 4-H Promotion committee is working on our window which will be on display at Honeysetts in Footville from October 3 until October 15 for National 4-H week.

The annual Acheivement Night was held on Monday, October 8.
All acheiveing members were awarded their year pins. Those participating in volleyball, basketball & softball received participation certificates. Dairy princesses received a dairy promotion certificate. Outgoing officers were recognized and received a flower. Leaders were recognized for their years as a leader and all leaders received a gift.
All members also received a gift. Special certificates were presented to non-leaders who had helped the club in various ways. Record book awards were presented to: 8&9 - Aven, Chris & Josh, 10&11 - Melanie (perfect score) Sarah (perfect score) & Mallory, 12&13 Angie (perfect score) Krista, Andrew, & Tim, 14&15 - Jenny, Andy & Sarah, 16&up Adam & Robby. New officers were installed.
The club 4-H promotion window was put up by Aven & Mallory on Wed. Oct. 3 and will remain up until Monday, Oct. 15.
Others working on the window were Melanie, Matthew, Sarah, Matt, Sarah & Anna.

The November meeting was preceeded by enrollments. Members also signed the "Power of Youth" pledges. At the Novemnber meeting the club decided to adopt a family for Christmas this year, donate a Christmas tree to the town hall and decorate it, collect food donations for CUP (local food pantry) at the December meeting, go Christmas caroling in December at area nursing homes & have our tradtional Christmas party, with games, a cookie walk and a pizza party. Two of our members won awards at the annual county achievement night: Mallory won Discover Wisconsin trip, project award for visual arts & outstanding junior member,
Erin won an award for her Historians book. Our club received second place for our 4-H promotion window which was displayed during National 4-H week in October. Most of our officers attended the county officer and club chair training session.