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2003 in Review
Center 4-H Club

This page will update you on club activities throughout the year. 

There were many club activities in December.  At the club meeting members made hand made Christmas cards to hand out to the Nursing Home Residents when members went Christmas carroling late in the month.  Members also brought donations for one of the local food pantries to the club meeting.  A very brief meeting was held followed by games including a cookie walk with the money charged for the cookie walk donated to the food pantry also.  The pary ended with a Pizza Party.

At the January meeting new club members were introduced. Club programs for the year were handed out.

The February meeting was to be preceded by making valentines for the VA hospital and members were to bring food for the local food pantry.  The weather caused us to cancel the meeting, so food panrty donations will be brought next month and unfortunately members were unable to make valentines for the veterans this year.
Volleyball sign-up was done by phone calls as this was also to be done in February.

A family pot luck dinner proceds the March meeting.  Members will also bring donations for a local food pantry.  Fair books and record book materials will be handed out.
March 2 is Junior Volleyball tournament with Matt as coach. Krista, Jenny and Tim will help  with refereeing.  These are all older members.  Senior Volleyball tournament is March 9.
March 30 will be Junior Basketball Tournament.

December 2002 - November 2003