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The Year in Review
Center 4-H

We will review club events and activities for each month from December 2001 thru November 2002.

December 2001. Matt, Tim and Kathy did the shopping for our family we adopted for Christmas, a clothing item and a toy was purchased for each of the two children and a video and set of towels were purchased for the family.
The club officers decorated the Christmas tree we had purchaed for the town hall on December 9. Members once again created some beautiful hand made Christmas cards before the club meeting, to be distributed to nursing home residents when the club members went Christmas carrolling.
A brief business meeting was held followed by bingo, a cookie walk and other games and our annual pizza party.
On December 15 club members went carrolling to three nursing homes in Evansville, one in Footville and an apartment building for the elderly in Footville. Members had a great time and the residents seemed to really enjoy the visits. We had just enough cards to hand out for all places.

Club programs for the year were handed out at the January meeting.  Members also decided to go ice skating on January 26 at the Janesville Ice Arena.
Changing the date of the club Achievement night was discussed and tabled.

Before the meeting members made valentines for the veterans at the VA hospital in Madison.  Families also brought food donations for the food pantry in Evansville.  Project literature and record book materials were handed out.  After a discussion members voted to move the annual achievement night up to the end of September so that enrollments can be done in October (this was done in anticipation of a possible change in the county enrollment deadline).
Sign-ups were done for volleyball (March 3 & 10) Basketball (April 14 & 21) and drama (May 4).

Watch this page for monthly updates after each club meeting.